Stella Beach


Situated under the open sky and facing the beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea, Stella Beach –Dag Al Hayam at the Bat-Yam beach offers good food with the amazing atmosphere of the beach.

Our recipe for a warm welcome consists of a lovely light breeze, golden sea sand and the caressing sound of the waves. Top that with a devoted staff that will bring a smile to your face and make your day out complete.

At Stella Beach the fun begins with some soul food, along with some quality treats for the body – the feast can include breakfasts, pasta dishes, pizzas and Stella's special meats. All this is of course accompanied by quality alcohol to be sipped while watching the sunset.

Along with the romantic vibe Stella also has plenty of action – with regular concerts and shows like Greek evening on Thursdays and happy beach parties on Fridays.

Those of you who keep kosher will be please to know that, although the restaurant does not have a kosher certificate as it is open on Shabat, all the food is kosher and the kitchen makes sure to separate meat from dairy.

83 Ben Gurion Street, Bat Yam 

:Opening Hours

Sunday to Saturday 08:00 – until the last customer